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Port Antonio, Jamaica
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Thank you for visiting our site on Port Antonio, Jamaica. Below is a brief history of Port Antonio, Jamaica followed by a description of tours, spas, shopping, restaurants, annual events and night life. Once you are finished reading, be sure to visit our main page for information on other towns of Jamaica, pictures of Jamaica, facts about Jamaica and other Jamaican links to help you plan your Jamaican vacation.

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One of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean has always been Port Antonio, a tropical Eden and the jewel in Jamaica's crown. Portland offers visitors unparalleled natural beauty rugged, exciting coastlines, a romantic beaches, hidden coves, rivers, and waterfalls with the Blue Mountain range providing a spectacular backdrop Port Antonio, as the capital of Portland, has retained its charm as a quiet rural township and is home to one of the most beautiful harbors in the Caribbean.

A walk through town is a walk in history, with its narrow streets lined with buildings from another era including the neo-Romanesque Anglican stone church (1840) and the charming gingerbread DeMontevin Lodge (1881), now a popular guest house on Titchfield Peninsula. Fort George (1729) over looks the harbors, with its cannons pointing out to sea. Just outside of town lie the ruins of Mitchell's Folly built in 1905 of cement and sea water.

Navy Island, just off the twin harbors is a picturesque spot, once owned by Errol Flynn. It's worth taking the ferry and enjoying the view of the town with the hills rising above it.

In the late 19th century, Port Antonio was renowned as the world's banana capital, some claim that Jamaica's tourism was born here when banana boats returning from Boston, U.S.A. brought the firs tourists to our shores. Precisely because of its seclusion, Port Antonio has attracted many celebrities and the wealthy.

Portland offers an enchanting vacation experience. Glistening waterfalls, many of which are small secret gems, such as Scatter Water Falls and Nanny Waterfalls; romantic coves with beautiful beaches; the magical Rio Grande River weaving its way through the deep valley and rolling hillsides covered with lush tropical forests; picturesque banana plantations; spectacular mountain views in the Land-of look-Behind, Maroon Country, are some of the features which draw those seeking the authentic and still natural Jamaica.

A wide variety of tastes are satisfied by the range of accommodations provided in and around Port Antonio ranging from luxury hotels and villas, to small intimate hotels and simple guesthouses. There are no large resorts or high rise building to attract masses of tourists, but the beauty and tranquility of this area gives it probably the highest rate of return visitors to the island. If you can stir yourself from the delights of Port Antonio itself, there are some trips to take and attractions to be visited.


Port Antonio gives access to a number of unique attractions. Your hotel tour desk can help you arrange various trips or you can do it yourself by Renting A Car from Dhana Car Rental WITH CARS AS CHEAP AS US$275/WEEK (876)953-9555

Rafting on the Rio Grande Port Antonio is where river rafting started, originally by planters who constructed bamboo rafts for both transporting bananas and for the amusement of their families. The rafts glide serenely down river on this romantic two- hour trip. (876)993-2778.

Nonesuch Caves Four and a half miles to the east of Port Antonio lies a property known as the Seven Hills of Athenry, 600 ft above the town and with spectacular views. Caves discovered here in the '30s make a fascinating tour. (876)993-3740.

Blue Mountain Bike Tours Visitors can glide down the Blue Mountains from 5,000 feet, stopping to snap rainforests, coffee plantations waterfalls, and majestic mountain vistas. Lunch and snacks are provided. Call Blue Mountain Tours at (876)974-7075.

Valley Hikes Valley Hikes offers a selection of extrasensory visual experiences on their organised hikes in the Rio Grande Valley with professional guides. All trails have been chosen for their unusual beauty. (876)993-3881

Blue Lagoon The Blue Lagoon or Blue Hole is seven miles east of Port Antonio, surrounded by steep hillsides with dense green vegetation—a photographer's delight. Local folklore claims it to be "bottomless", but experts proclaim it to be about 185 feet at its deepest point. There is an excellent restaurant of the same name and nonmotorized watersports. (876)993-8491

Frenchman's Cove Once the most exclusive resort in the world. Still one of the most spectacular beaches, has a refreshing cold stream which runs into the sea. It is a much favoured spot for weddings.

Somerset Falls Hidden in a fascinating rain forest at the end of a gondola ride. (876) 926-0989

Crystal Springs Situated to the west of Port Antonio at Buff Bay, Crystal Springs is a delightful property, including a bird sanctuary, picnic park and an orchid garden with hundreds of species. (876)996-1400

Gallery Carriacou Located opposite the entrance to Hotel Mocking Bird Hill. It features Jamaican and Caribbean artists and will host cultural events. (876) 993-7134


As in all other resort areas, there is a wide selection of restaurants to choose from, most, but not all, located in hotels.

Bonnie View Hotel. Unbeatable Jamaican cuisine and a bird's eye view of Port Antonio far below. (876) 993-2752.

The Grill at Dragon Bay Villas. International cuisine in a thatched bohio on the beach. (876) 993-3281.

Jamaica Palace Hotel Elegant dining often with live entertainment. (876) 993-7720 or Fax:(876) 993-7759.

Mille Fleurs. Set in a garden of a "thousand flowers" with a magnificent panoramic view, offering a creative Jamaican menu with a continental flair. (876)993-7267.

Trident Yillas & Hotel. Formal dining by candlelight. Excellent food and service. (876) 993-2602




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