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Mandeville, Jamaica
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Hello and thank you for visiting our site on Mandeville, Jamaica. Below is a brief history of Mandeville followed by a description of trips, shopping, restaurants and night life. Once you are finished reading be sure to visit our main page for: other towns of Jamaica, pictures of Jamaica, facts about Jamaica and other Jamaican links.

Mandeville, principal town of the parish of Manchester, is a quiet, restful mountain resort, a little over 2,000 feet above sea level with a cool climate (70-75 degrees by day, 65-70 degrees by night) ideal for such pursuits as golf, walking and horseback riding.

The town is often likened to an English village and certainly boasts a village green, handsome stone buildings and stone-walled pastures.

Once a sleepy country town, Mandeville has a bit of bustle nowadays. The town came awake some 40 years ago when the potential of the red earth of the surrounding countryside was wedded to the world's demand for bauxite and its end product, aluminum. The nearby alumina plant at Nain is the second largest in the world.

Now ecotourism is ushering in yet another phase in the town's development at as more and more visitors want to leave the resort areas and explore the country side.

Community tourism whereby the visitor can really get to know Jamaica as Jamaican's themselves know it is a new concept and is being pioneered in this area by Diana McIntyre-Pike at the Astra Hotel.

The town boasts a 9-hole golf course, the oldest in the island. The layout is well-planned, with 18 tee boxes so that a full game can be played and a round of golf played in the cool atmosphere of the hills is a ring in delightful experience.

The scenery around Mandeville and adjoining parts of the south coast is superb. There is Bamboo Avenue at Lacovia where the road is lined for miles with tall bamboo which meets overhead like a vaulted cathedral roof.

Lover's Leap is another remarkable beauty spot where a sheer cliff, 1,600 feet high, overhangs the sea.

Treasure Beach, not so long ago, was known only to Jamaicans and a very few privileged visitors. Now, a few more people have heard the secret, thanks to a number of hotels and villas which have been built there in recent years. The natural peace and tranquility has not yet been spoiled and the warmth and hospitality of' the people will touch your hearts.

Black River is Jamaica's largest river. Nature lovers will delight in exploring what it has to offer. Boat trips are available. The YS Falls on the river are held by some to be the island's most spectacular.

At the quaintly-named village of Middle Quarters, basket-carrying women will come to your car, crying "Shrim, Shrim, Shrim". They are selling succulent cooked and peppered shrimps caught in nearby Black River.


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Appleton Estate Rum Tour Appleton Rum Factory in St. Elizabeth offers an interesting tour to see how rum is made. Impress your friends with your knowledge when you return home carrying a sample.(876)963- 9215.

Apple Valley NaturePark At the town of Maggotty you can fish, hike and paddle your own canoe in this park, designed for those who like to get back to nature. Camping areas are provided, but a day trip is just as rewarding.

Black River Safari Take a boatride along Jamaica's longest river. Wildlife abounds in the form of birds and maybe a crocodile or two. The editors of this publication feel it their duty to reveal a spurious claim by operators of this tour. They call it a 'wildlife' tour but they take you to the lair of a cxrocodile which comes when it's called. What kind of wildlife is that? Anyhow, take your camera. (876)965-2513

Countrystyle Community Tours Will show you what life is like in Jamaican country communities. Organizer, Mrs Dianne McIntyre Pike takes visitors into such places as villages, business places, farms, schools, churches, roadside bars, flower shows, local discos and nightclubs. Some of this can be sampled in a day tour or she will arrange your entire vacation round what interests you most in Jamaica. Call (876)962-3725 for more information.

Jamaica Standard Products at Williamsfield just outside Mandeville on the way to Kingston, Visitors can watch the coffee roasting process or sample their fine coffee liqueur. (876)963-4319.

Mayfield Ranch This ranch at Southfield offers trail riding in the cool hills. They give riding lessons for children and offer a beginners course for a first experience of the pleasure of horseback riding. (876)965-6234

Milk River Baths A 30-minute drive from Mandeville, these mineral baths are said to be highly restorative. (876)986-2773

YS Falls Situated on an estate of the same name, these falls are among are most spectacular in Jamaica. There are eight of them, falling a breathtaking 120 feet in majestic tiers. Frolic in the tingling, cool water after an interesting jitney ride through the Jamaican countryside. (876)997-6055


When it comes to dining, Mandeville and the South Coast area have places to rival the bigger resort areas.

Jakes at Treasure Beach

Nasterium at Hotel Villa Bella in Christiana. (876)964-2243.

Olde Wharf at Treasure Beach. (876)965-0003

Yabba at Treasure Beach Hotel. (876)965-2305.

Astra Country Inn in Mandeville. (876)962-3265.

Mandeville Hotel in Mandeville itself. (876)962-2460

Invercauld Great House in Black River. (876)965-2750.




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