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Why Our Auto Rental Rates Are So Low

Our customers often ask why are Dhana Car Rental & Tours rental prices so low. They want to know how Dhana is able to guarantee the lowest rates among all major car rental companies in Jamaica. There are many reasons, including the following:

Dhana is a discount car rental company. Since its founding in 1994, Dhana has positioned itself to offer deeply discounted rental rates. That is the secret to our success. The value brings us thousands of loyal customers who continue to rent from us because they like our large fleet of quality cars, our first class services -- and most importantly our discount rental rates.

Dhana has a low corporate overhead. Dhana is a no-frills company. For example, our corporate office is efficient but not fancy. Our staff is experienced and capable and keeps our company focused on our business: giving you the best deal on your car rental. We also take advantage of today's cutting edge technology to provide further efficiencies in our operations. All of this results in savings to you.

Dhana is not a franchisee. We are a fully independent company. When you rent from a national chain's local office, a large part of your rental cost is to pay for the substantial franchise fee that must be paid on each rental to the main company.

Dhana focuses on repeat business. Dhana is proud that over 60-70% of our business is from repeat customers. We do everything we can to make our customers happy and always return to Dhana for all of their rentals. You are "Number 1" for Dhana and that makes Dhana Number 1" for our customers.

Dhana knows what our customers want. We rent to leisure and small business customers, and we choose our vehicles accordingly. We have a wide variety of vehicles types.

Dhana is focused on airport operations only. This eliminates the huge overhead that smaller non-airport locations put on other rental companies.

Dhana rents in high volume. Dhana makes less money on each car rental, but makes up for it in the huge number of rentals we provide every day to customers worldwide, who are looking for the best value for their travel dollar. Because of this our cars are on rent more days than our competitors. This means better deals for you.

Dhana concentrates its advertising on the internet. You won't see expensive newspaper advertisements or full page Yellow Page ads or costly television commercials for Dhana Car Rental & Tours. We use our advertising dollars wisely, using only the internet. We are ranked number one by all the major search engines.

http://www.mobay.com was one of the first car rental web sites. We launched our site in 1996, knowing that travelers were turning to the internet to get the best car rental deals.

Lastly but most importantly, Dhana puts its customers FIRST. Dhana prides itself on keeping our customers happy. It's our Number One Goal. Not only is this a part of our philosophy, it makes good business sense. We know that a happy Dhana customer is a loyal Dhana customer.

If this is the first time you have visited our web site, we invite you check out our fleet and our low rates. We are certain you will be pleased.

If you are already a loyal Dhana customer, may we take this opportunity to thank you. We appreciate your business and we look forward to continue to providing you discount car rental prices and quality service.